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Linotte Typeface

Linotte Typeface - sans-serif Linotte Typeface - sans-serif Linotte Typeface - sans-serif

Linotte Typeface

Linotte is a rounded sans serif type family with friendly vibes. Slight irregularities give the typeface a warm and naive look, while the solid geometric construction allows good legibility in long texts and small sizes. Linotte is ideal to set texts for food or children related products, and anything that needs to convey a friendly feeling. The fonts are provided in OpenType format and include diacritics for most European languages, a set of arrows & icons, and a variety of advanced features like stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, superscript, and more.

Web fonts included

linotte-semibold The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Font Details
File Name Linotte Semibold
License Free for Personal & Commercial use
Designer Name Joël Carrouché
Classification Sans Serif
File Size 0.1 MB
Downloads 915
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