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Madero Slab Free Font

Madero Slab Free Font - slab-serif

Madero Slab Free Font - slab-serifMadero Slab Free Font - slab-serifMadero Slab Free Font - slab-serifMadero Slab Free Font

Madero Slab is certainly a reliable workhorse in its own right. A vigorous and strong monolinear Slab tempered by delicate transitions cared curves and fine details that add warmth and kindness to its powerful nature. A well-balanced mixture in an extensive type system of 42 styles, conceived to deliver optimum performance in a wide variety of scenarios, from headlines to long text settings, on-screen display or printed, on corporate use, branding, packaging, you name it. Almost any typographic need is well covered by a palette of three widths: the highly functional and distinctive condensed, the steady and reliable standard width and the extroverted and eye-catching extended width; each of one came in seven weights, from black to thin, plus matching true italics. Every style also includes more than 800 glyphs and came fully equipped with small caps, alternates, ligatures, and over 20 other OpenType features. Those are some reasons of why Madero Slab is a solid and proven tool for any typographic task, and help to explain why always looks so good.

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madero-slab-condensed-bold The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
File NameMadero Slab
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